4 facts about assessment centres

  1. Assessment centres can vary in length from a couple of hours to multiple days. You will be placed in a group with other applicants and assigned various tasks, and may have to present your results and findings back to the group.
  2. While you won’t know exactly what activities you’ll be doing beforehand, you can still prepare. Read up on the company again, as well as the position’s job description and requirements. Learn about what goes on in the industry your company is a part of. You can also practise online case questions, aptitude tests and puzzles.
  3. On the day, don’t be afraid to be yourself – you don’t have to be the loudest person to make a strong impression. Present the best version of you and your personal strengths. 
  4. Listen carefully to all the instructions but don’t be afraid to ask questions and show interest and enthusiasm.

Fun fact

Did you know there are many different styles of leadership and you don’t have to be the loudest to stand out?

Take action

We have a number of workshops that will help you perform strongly in assessment centres. Try our assessment centres, personal branding, answering interview questions and interview practice workshops.

Upcoming 'Answering interview questions' workshops:
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Part 1 - 17 July, 1-2pm
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Upcoming 'What is personal branding? Use it for success' workshops: 
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