5 ways to put your best foot forward in an interview

  1. Research the company you’re interviewing with thoroughly. Employers will commonly ask ‘what do you know about us?’ and ‘why do you want to work here?’
  2. Practice interview questions. Learn about the ‘STAR’ interview technique, which helps you answer questions effectively by detailing a situation, task, action and result.
  3. Dress professionally for the interview and ensure you arrive at the interview location in plenty of time.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask your own questions. You might want to ask about what kind of career progression is available or what the culture of the organisation is like.
  5. After the interview, you can follow up with an email thanking the employer for their time and reiterating your enthusiasm for the role.

Fun fact

Did you know that 55% of messages processed by your brain about a person are based on their body language?

Take action

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