4 tips for knowing yourself

  1. It’s time for some self-assessment! Ask yourself what your values are. What do you want from your life and work?
  2. Think about what your interests are and what motivates you. Would you be happy working in an office all day, or are you more interested in being in the outdoors? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to start your own business, or would you prefer working in the public sector?
  3. Make a list of what you’re good at and what you enjoy. What are your capabilities – for example, are you a people person with great communication skills, do you have specialist knowledge, or are you a really creative thinker? Think about what you can offer an employer – this is your ‘value proposition’. 
  4. Remember, understanding yourself is an ongoing process. Your values and priorities may change as you grow and have more experiences. Regularly take stock of your capabilities, interests and motivations.

Fun fact

Did you know that higher performing employees tend to be more self-aware?

Take action

Attend the two-part ‘Finding your career direction’ workshop series. This can help you learn about yourself and open up possibilities you may not have considered before.

Upcoming 'Finding your career direction' workshops: 

Part 1 - 20 July, 11am-12.30pm
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