Examination dates

Find out about the examination periods for Summer School, Semester One, and Semester Two.

Finding out the official exam dates

Each semester we'll send you an email notifying you that the official exam dates are available on Student Services Online.

Please note that exam dates are only official for the current semester. Please do not take dates from any other source as official.

Some changes may be necessary after publication, so please keep checking your exam times on Student Services Online.

All changes will be posted on the Examinations homepage.

To find out when the exam periods fall throughout the year, check the Semester and quarter dates in the university calendar. Note that your exams may fall on the last day of the relevant semester.

Being available for the exam period

You are expected to make yourself available for the entire exam period.

Personal commitments (eg, travel) do not constitute valid grounds for the rescheduling of exams.

If you think you may have problems with sitting your examinations, please see Exams sat out-of-time and out-of-centre.

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