Summer School 2014 course list

Here is the list of courses offered for Summer School 2014.

Academic integrity course

Subject to approval, The University of Auckland will introduce an academic integrity requirement in 2014 for undergraduate and postgraduate students admitted for the first time to a programme at the University.

All students required to complete the course will be sent further information in January 2014.


Undergraduate courses: Faculty of Arts


ACADENG 100 Forms in Academic English
ACADENG 101 Academic English Writing
ACADENG 102 Academic English Listening and Reading
ACADENG 103 Academic Presentations
ACADENG 201 Advanced Academic Written English
ANCHIST 377 Ancient History Study Abroad
ANTHRO 102 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTHRO 204 Ethnography of Island Polynesia
ARTHIST 245 Special Topic: The Art of Majesty: Tudor and Stuart England
ARTHIST 345 Special Topic: The Art of Majesty: Tudor and Stuart England
ARTSGEN 300 Directed Study


CHINESE 277 Chinese Study Abroad 2A
CHINESE 278 Chinese Study Abroad 2B
CHINESE 377 Chinese Study Abroad 3A
CHINESE 378 Chinese Study Abroad 3B
CLASSICS 377 Study Abroad (Rome)
COOKIS 101 Introduction to Cook Islands Maori
CRIM 303 Special Topic: Gender, Crime and Justice


ENGLISH 121 Reading/Writing/Text
ENGLISH 256 Tolkien and his Worlds
ENGLISH 265 Shakespeare: Comedies and Tragicomedies
ENGLISH 310 Shakespeare: Comedies and Tragicomedies
ENGWRIT 101 English Writing for Academic Purposes
EUROPEAN 206 European Integration
EUROPEAN 277 European Study Abroad 2A
EUROPEAN 278 European Study Abroad 2B
EUROPEAN 302 European Integration


FRENCH 277 French Study Abroad 2A
FRENCH 278 French Study Abroad 2B
FRENCH 331 Special Study in French
FRENCH 377 French Study Abroad 3A
FRENCH 378 French Study Abroad 3B
FTVMS 100 Media Studies
FTVMS 212 Special Topic: Video Games: Theory and Culture
FTVMS 223 Special Topic: Identities in the Networked Age
FTVMS 328 Special Topic: Video Games: Theory and Culture


GERMAN 277 German Study Abroad 2A
GERMAN 278 German Study Abroad 2B
GERMAN 377 German Study Abroad 3A
GERMAN 378 German Study Abroad 3B


HISTORY 238 From Peace to War: An International History of Europe, 1815-1914
HISTORY 338 From Peace to War: An International History of Europe, 1815-1914


ITALIAN 106 Italian Language for Beginners 1
ITALIAN 277 Italian Study Abroad 2A
ITALIAN 278 Italian Study Abroad 2B
ITALIAN 355 Directed Study
ITALIAN 377 Italian Study Abroad 3A
ITALIAN 378 Italian Study Abroad 3B


JAPANESE 277 Japanese Study Abroad 2A
JAPANESE 278 Japanese Study Abroad 2B
JAPANESE 377 Japanese Study Abroad 3A
JAPANESE 378 Japanese Study Abroad 3B


KOREAN 277 Korean Study Abroad 2A
KOREAN 278 Korean Study Abroad 2B
KOREAN 377 Korean Study Abroad 3A
KOREAN 378 Korean Study Abroad 3B


LANGTCHG 102 Classroom Management and School Experience


MĀORI 101 Introduction to Written Māori
MĀORI 130 Te Ao Māori: The Māori World
MĀORI 397 Pae Tahi: Special Study in Māori Studies


PHIL 101 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 102 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 105 Critical Thinking
PHIL 216 Modal Logic
POLITICS 226 International Relations: Asia-Pacific


RUSSIAN 277 Russian Study Abroad 2A
RUSSIAN 278 Russian Study Abroad 2B
RUSSIAN 377 Russian Study Abroad 3A
RUSSIAN 378 Russian Study Abroad 3B


SOCIOL 101 Understanding Aotearoa New Zealand
SOCIOL 106 Sociology for Auckland
SOCIOL 216 Sociology and Crime: An Introduction
SPANISH 277 Spanish Study Abroad 2A
SPANISH 278 Spanish Study Abroad 2B
SPANISH 377 Spanish Study Abroad 3A
SPANISH 378 Spanish Study Abroad 3B