Faculties abroad

Most faculties offer a range of opportunities for you to complete some of your studies overseas. Consult your faculty’s website for further details. The following are some of the possibilities.


The Department of Classics and Ancient History offers chaperoned study abroad courses in which students can bring back credit.

Many language courses also have study abroad options at stage II or III. These are intensive short courses, often taken in summer. Students have a wide range of options and scholarships are available to help defray some of the costs.

For more information visit www.arts.auckland.ac.nz

University of New Caledonia French Summer School

Students studying French can apply to study in Nouméa for ‘L’université d’été de français’ (French Summer School). This programme has been run by the University of New Caledonia since 2008, with the aims of promoting French language and culture.’ L’université d’été de français’ runs for three weeks in November to December 2015.

For more information on how to apply please visit the School of European Languages and Literatures - French Study Abroad webpage.

There are limited number of places and applications will be open in July. Please refer to our partner search function to find more information on the 2015 UNC French Summer School.


MIB internships

MIB students must do an internship in with an international business organisation in NZ or overseas. The internship provides an opportunity for students to experience firsthand the environment of international business through an internship with a company or organisation to complete a research informed project, and present both written and oral reports of the findings.

For more information visit www.business.auckland.ac.nz.


Toulouse Business School (TBS) Summer School

The University of Auckland has an agreement with the Toulouse Business School, focusing on an aspect of European business from mid June to mid July. Students can apply to bring back credit.


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management: Finance Boot Camp

The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management offer a 2 week Finance Boot Camp in July. For more information seehere: www.fs.de/summerschool

The Bootcamp includes:

  • 10-day intensive programme at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
  • Lectures and tutorials led by experts
  • Small discussion groups
  • Visits to financial institutions
  • Interaction between students from all over the world
  • Team-building and – for those who are interested – sporting activities (like running and swimming)
  • Cultural excursion to Heidelberg


Students must complete 800 hours of practical work as part of the degree requirements for the BE(Hons) programme, and submit reports. Practical work is undertaken during the summer break at the end of Parts II and III and can be carried out abroad.

For more information visit www.engineering.auckland.ac.nz.


Law students must do 2 moots during their Part III or Part IV years. Students can apply to do these overseas.

The University of Auckland and the University of Melbourne have an agreement that allows University of Auckland Faculty of Law postgraduate students to take up to two courses offered at the University of Melbourne Faculty of Law for credit towards their degree.

For more information visit www.law.auckland.ac.nz.

Medical and Health Sciences

In Year 5, MBChB students complete a four-week elective. Students are encouraged to have experiences outside of the main teaching hospitals and practices in New Zealand or to acquire learning from overseas, except for the Pacific Islands. In Year 6, students complete an eight-week Elective and there is strong encouragement to complete this overseas.

For more information visit www.fmhs.auckland.ac.nz.


The National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries offers chaperoned study tours, performances, exhibitions and festivals, some of which contribute to course requirements and/or credit.

For more information visit www.creative.auckland.ac.nz.


Final year Optometry students are encouraged to spend an externship period in private practice, at other Optometry Schools, or approved venues in New Zealand or overseas.

For more information visit www.optometry.auckland.ac.nz.