CV examples for postgraduate students

A quality curriculum vitae (CV) is a very important part of the job-seeking process.

The CV is crucial to marketing your skills, experience, qualifications, extracurricular activities and interests to prospective employers in a condensed and easy to read format. Never underestimate the value of a good CV in finding a job that is right for you.

The academic CV format is very different to a CV you would use for a non-academic position. If you are in doubt, it is best to have both an academic and non-academic CV.

  • Use the academic CV for tutoring, lecturing, and university research positions, and for scholarship applications.
  • Use the non-academic CV for any industry or government positions.

There are five example CVs on this page, but please remember that your CV has to be adjusted and edited before you send it to anyone. Different employers and different jobs require different skills and abilities from you, so your CV therefore needs to be targeted to the job you are applying for.

Use these CVs as examples only. If you need help identifying your skills and writing your CV, contact Career Development and Employment Services.


Sample letters
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