From 1 January 2011 all new doctoral students must sit a DELNA screening as part of their provisional goals.

DELNA for postgraduate students

From 1 January 2011, as part of your provisional goals, all new doctoral students* are required to sit the 30-minute DELNA screening – a free check of your academic English language skills.

If recommended by the language adviser, you must then also take the full 2-hour DELNA diagnosis and any additional courses or workshops which are advised.

Those granted an English language waiver as part of their enrolment must sit the full 2-hour DELNA diagnosis and take any recommended courses or workshops.

Your results will not exclude you from any courses you are already enrolled in and will not appear on your official academic record.

*Students who have taken a DELNA assessment within the past 5 years at The University of Auckland are exempt from having to sit the assessment again. 

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