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Get tips and answers to frequently asked questions about Exposure.


  • Remember to introduce yourself and your research topic. Exposure is all about communicating to an audience, and a little bit of background about you and your topic will draw them in to the story of your research.
  • Even if you’re not very far into your research, it’s important to draw some kind of conclusion for the audience. The conclusion could be as simple as describing the next steps you’ll take to develop your research.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your research.
  • Have a look at this very helpful information regarding Presentation Skills which has been compiled by Libraries and Learning Services. This will provide tips and helpful videos to assist you not only with oral presentations but with the designing of academic posters.
  • Attend the Presentation Planning Session during the Postgrad Festival - 15 September 2016.
  • Talk to previous entrants to Exposure about what to expect or view previous finalists video clips on YouTube.


Frequently asked questions

Who can enter Exposure?

All postgraduate research students from the University of Auckland, from honours and masters through to PhD. It is encouraged that you enter your faculty pre-comp to be eligible for Exposure - please see the Rules and Regulations regarding entries.

What is a pre-comp and when are they held?

Some faculties host pre-competitions which are a pre-cursor into entering Exposure. The pre-comps are held at different times of the year. Check these webpages for more information:

Please contact your supervisor, faculty student centre or faculty postgrad adviser for more information.  If you do not receive satisfactory answers, feel free to contact the Exposure Committee or PGSA Office via email.

What can I win?

The winner of each category receives $2000, and the runners up also receive cash prizes. In the event of a category having six (6) or less participants, the Exposure Committee reserves the right to cancel or restructure the prizes awarded.  For full details see, Rules and Regulations.

Why should I enter?

Aside from the prestige and the possibility of winning prize money, Exposure is a fantastic networking opportunity. You will have the chance to meet academics and potential employers from a variety of industries. Exposure is a great opportunity to practice your presenting skills and learn techniques and skills that will help you succeed at future conferences.

How do I write a good abstract?

Your abstract is an opportunity for you to pitch your research to the industry representatives, academics, fellow students and members of the public who will read the programme. Try to use language that someone from outside your field will understand. Choose a snappy title that will pique the interest of the people reading the programme.

Search for "How to write a good abstract" on Google

How can I make my entry stand above the rest?

Ensure your research is presented in an interesting way that will appeal to a general audience. To assist you, Libraries and Learning Services offer workshops on how to set-up and present posters and oral presentations.

Who comes to the finals and prize giving?

The finals and prize giving are attended by:

  • industry representatives
  • University staff
  • other students
  • members of the public.

These events are a fantastic networking opportunity for employers.

When are submissions due?

Keep an eye on the Exposure webpage for competition details.

How often is Exposure held?

Exposure is an annual event which is held each October.

Who are the judges?

The judges are a selection of academics, professional staff and industry representatives. As the judges come from a variety of  backgrounds, it is important to ensure that your presentation can be understood by a general audience.

Can I come and watch the events?

We'd love you to.  Event details will be updated on the Exposure webpage.

Is there any free stuff?

Entrants and audience members will enjoy catering at the event finals and the prize giving.

Can I enter more than one category with the same research?

It is preferred that you only enter one category.

Can I submit more than one entry into a category?

No. You can only enter each category once.

Do I have to hand in my poster with my Exposure submission?

No. If you are selected to go through to the poster finals, you will be notified with arrangments.

How do I collect my poster after Exposure?

You can collect your poster from the Graduate Centre (Building 119) after Exposure. Please note: we will not store posters beyond the end of the year.

Who arranges for the printing and laminating of my poster?

In many cases your faculty will pay for this to be done, so check with your faculty first. If not, the printing and costs realated to this is your responsibility.

Is laminating compulsory?

No, but it is advised, as we cannot take responsibility for damages.

What size must my poster be?

A1 - not bigger, nor smaller. Please see the Competition Rules & Regulations for more details.



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