Postgraduate Students' Association (PGSA)

The PGSA is an incorporated society dedicated to strengthening the postgraduate community at the University. It is run by a volunteer board.

PGSA's aims

The PGSA aims to:

  • Create and foster a sense of identity and community for all postgraduate students.
  • Provide an effective voice to promote the distinct academic, professional and social interests of postgraduate students.
  • Represent postgraduate student interests to the University, student organisations, and other groups beyond the greater University community.

PGSA events

The PGSA runs social events such as the postgraduate orientation, mid-semester pub quizzes and end-of-semester parties.

The PGSA was also active in setting up the SPARK Entrepreneurship Challenge (a competition now run by the University), and initially started up Exposure – the postgraduate research exposition competition held annually across all faculties within the University.


Other benefits of PGSA

PGSA members also receive:

  • 20% discount at Strata Café (level 4, Kate Edger Information Commons).
  • Access to Postgraduate Lounge study space (level 4, Kate Edger Information Commons).
  • Peer guidance, support, advocacy and communication throughout your academic endeavour.
  • Social and professional interaction with other postgraduates at our many events.
  • External networking and promotion of your research project.
  • Regular newsletters advising of upcoming events and funding/travel grant opportunities.

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