Clubs Awards 2015

06 October 2015

This year’s Clubs Awards nominations saw an impressive 400 submissions come in for 35 clubs, the most to date. 

Nominations came from club members, club leaders, as well as staff members aiming to recognise all the hard work that is being done. The quality of the applications was excellent, making it difficult for the Clubs Support Committee to choose just one winner per category. 

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Congratulations to the 2015 Clubs Awards winners

New Club of the Year

Auckland University Strength & Powerlifting Association

Auckland University Strength & Powerlifting Association

Good planning and organisation has brought this club in as a top nominee in the New Club category. Seeing an opportunity to facilitate knowledge sharing in the strength training community on campus, the club has worked to create a co-operative atmosphere in the gym.

The club connects experienced athletes with those new to strength training, providing guidance and advice in the gym. President Harry de Lacey, with his team, organises instructive sessions providing members with a great deal of information on the sport, training, health and nutrition, and competition.

Runner-up: Robogals Auckland

Cultural Club of the Year

Kiwi Asian Club

Kiwi Asian Club

The Kiwi Asian club membership nearly doubled in the last year, from roughly 500 to nearly 1,000, the club's largest membership to date. This can be credited to an enthusiastic, hardworking and well organised executive committee with strong leadership and dedication shown from President Dennis Zhang.

Organising events that cater to every taste, the club offers everything from sports and social events to cultural nights and fundraisers for charitable causes. Most recently, the club has raised funds and collected donated items to send to Starship Foundation and Auckland City Mission.

Members have expressed that being a member of Kiwi Asian Club is like having a second home or a second family. Events feel inclusive and new members are warmly welcomed.

Runner-up: Cantonese Student Society of Auckland

Sports Club of the Year

Auckland University Canoe Club

Auckland University Canoe Club

The Auckland University Canoe Club has had much success in the wake of its 65th anniversary celebration last year. 2015 has seen the club hold a more diverse range of events, responding to an increase in member demand. The club has expanded the activities its members participate in, in particular promoting competitive disciplines for the first time.

The Canoe Club offers safety courses, in the water training, weekend trips, and competitive opportunities in kayaking and white water rafting. Members enjoy an active social calendar with the opportunity to get away from Auckland most weekends to enjoy some of the most remote and amazing places in New Zealand.

Runner-up: Auckland University Underwater Club

General Club of the Year

The Food Appreciation Society

The Food Appreciation Society

One of the quickest growing clubs on campus, the Food Appreciation Society brings together students in order to appreciate the wonder that is food. In the past year the club has increased its membership to 750 and secured sponsorships from 10 well-known brands.

The executive committee, led by President Vivek Katia, has organised numerous ‘foodie’ events including a ‘cookathon’ partnered with Nosh food market, volunteer experiences cooking with charitable organisations, delicious ticketed dinners, and quiz nights which have all proven to be very popular with members. 

Runner-up: Social Innovation UoA

Club President of the Year

Carey Lintott, Auckland University Canoe Club

Carey Lintott, Auckland University Canoe Club

In her third year on the executive committee and first year as president, Carey Lintott has proven herself to be a diligent and passionate leader of the Auckland University Canoe Club. In her unofficial roles as trip leader, senior instructor for trainings and trips, and administration manager, Carey often goes above and beyond the duties of a typical club president.

In addition to this hard work, she is likely to be seen at every event, training, trip and promotional day demonstrating her commitment to the success of the club.

As one of the club's most experienced paddlers, Carey often volunteers her time to teach new students how to kayak in weekly pool sessions. Members have stated how appreciative they are for her time, dedication, and encouragement to get involved in the sport. Off-river, Carey drove the development of the club’s strategic plan and is involved in reviewing and approving grants applications to the University and external funders.

Runner-up: Ben Kirkpatrick, Auckland University Law Students' Society

People's Choice Club of the Year

University of Auckland Anime and Manga Club

University of Auckland Anime and Manga Club

A very active club on campus, the Anime and Manga club offers weekly events that engage the majority of its membership on a regular basis.

This year has seen the club develop the range of events provided, including themed activity nights, film screenings, artistic and creative tutorials and seminars, as well as anime related outings around Auckland. Being a major consumer group in the Anime market, the club is often sought out for opinion and review as well as promotion and support for local businesses and distributors.

President Azul Alysum and his team have taken the small club to new heights this year. Members note the welcoming and approachable attitude that is shown from the leadership, creating an inclusive atmosphere that is appreciated throughout the membership.

Overall Club of the Year 

Auckland University Canoe Club

Auckland University Canoe Club