Student leadership

The Student Leadership Programme at the University of Auckland is for current undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to grow their leadership capabilities and apply what they learn in a real world context. There are a variety of opportunities to engage in, from one-off interactive talks with successful alumni to two day intensive workshops focused on personal development.

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The Student Leadership Programme offers a range of opportunities to develop your leadership capabilities. Click the headings for more information about:

  • L.E.D Talks

    L.E.D Talks focus on conversations around leadership, education and development.

  • Residential Workshop

    A two-day workshop for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to develop their personal leadership style and gain skills for the real world.

  • Half Day Workshops

    A range of short workshops are available for students who have completed a Residential Workshop to continue developing practical leadership skills.

  • Leadership and Service Award

    Get official recognition for your volunteering experience by applying for a Leadership and Service Award.

Who is eligible for the Student Leadership Programme?

The programme is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, domestic and international.  It will benefit those actively interested in developing their leadership skills, whether they have experience in formal leadership positions or not. The Student Leadership Programme aims to include students from a range of disciplines and backgrounds to build a community of leadership.

L.E.D Talks are open to all students on a first come first served basis. There is an application process for Residential Workshops, once complete students are eligible for Half Day Workshops. 

Where do I sign up?

You can visit Register for L.E.D Talks to register. For a full list of dates and speakers, visit L.E.D Talks.

You can visit Apply for Residential Workshops to register. For the application deadlines, visit Residential Workshop deadlines.

You can visit Apply for Half Day Workshops to register. For the application deadlines visit Half Day Workshop application deadlines.*

Start your Leadership and Service Award on the Volunteer Hub. You can start any time.

*Only students who have attended a Residential Workshop are eligible for Half Day Workshops.

What does the programme cost?

L.E.D Talks - $14 incl GST per session

Residential Workshop - $150 incl GST*

Half Day Workshops - $50 incl GST

Leadership & Service Award – free

*Some scholarships for the Residential Workshop may be available to successful applicants

Need help?

For more information about student leadership, please contact:

Gemma Skipper
Campus Life
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 88017