Libraries and Learning Services Workshops - Essential Study Skills

Our workshops give you the best start possible to the new semester by helping you find your way around study resources and pick up great study skills.

Libraries and Learning Service Overview

Essential information to start using Libraries and Learning Services at the University. Discover essential resources like books, articles & guides; and know where to go to ask for help.

Strategies for succeeding at University

Practical strategies to maximise academic success including time management, motivation, goal-setting, and understanding academic expectations.

Find course readings, articles and exams

Learn how to locate your course readings and exams; find books and articles on your reading list; renew and request library items; and more.

Learning effectively

Knowing how you learn best enables you to study smarter, not harder. This workshop helps you to identify your learning style (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) and then provides a range of active learning strategies to suit the way you learn.

You can book a workshop online now, by visiting Workshop bookings.