Resident Advisors

Being employed as a Resident Advisor in our university accommodation is a challenging and worthwhile experience for students looking to develop their leadership skills.

What is a Resident Advisor (RA)?

A Resident Advisor lives in our university accommodation and serves as a student staff leader, helper and resource person for students. RAs serve as the critical link between students accessing University services and supporting a living environment that promote Hauora (wellbeing) and enable all to reach their full potential. The position requires being a representative of the University and a facilitator for a positive residential experience. 


Our University Accommodation

Positions are available in our Halls of Residence (Halls) and our University Flats and Apartments (Residences). We encourage you to review the information available on our website to learn about the unique communities and accommodation the University of Auckland provides. 

When applying, you will be given the option to indicate your preference for a position in a hall or residence. However, there may be times where we offer you a position in an area that was not a preference. 

Being a Resident Advisor

Serve as a resource to residents 

  • Engage proactively with all students in your assigned area. Be approachable and receptive. 
  • Exhibit knowledge of campus services. 
  • Communicate and promote the core values and policies of Accommodation, the wider Campus Life division and the University of Auckland. 
  • Know, abide and enforce all rules and regulations of the University residences as outlined in the Residential Rules and Resident Handbooks. 

Develops community 

  • Creates an environment where the needs and concerns of diverse populations of students are appreciated. 
  • Promotes and supports an environment that is conducive to academic and social development. 
  • Collaborates on, supports and attends residential activities and events. 

Provides initial support to residents 

  • Assist students with academic, personal and social concerns, and refer residents to appropriate residential staff and support services when necessary. 
  • Assist with mediation and crisis situations. 
  • Work with appropriate residential staff to resolve maintenance issues and safety concerns. 

Review the Resident Advisor position description

RA Application Process

Applications for 2018 Resident Advisor positions will open in the middle of 2017. The following information details the process to apply for the Resident Advisor position: 

  • Step 1: Review the RA job description and the key dates when they are released to ensure that you understand the expectations of the position.
  • Step 2: You will apply online to to find the position listing. 
  • Step 3: Chosen candidates will be contacted to confirm an interview and should respond in a timely manner.
  • Step 4: Attend an individual and group interview (details will be provided directly to applicants, but suggested resources to help you prepare are listed below)

Career Development and Employment Services

Optional CV and cover letter help

We encourage you to visit Career Development and Employment Services for help in creating your CV or help in writing your cover letter.

Optional interview skills help

You can also seek help in preparing for your individual interview.

Optional employment workshops

The Career Development and Employment Services hold workshops regularly for all students. Log into MyCDES to see what workshops will benefit you in your RA application preparation.

Do you have any questions?

For additional questions regarding the RA Position, or other leadership opportunities in Accommodation, please email