Scholarships and awards to assist with financial hardship

If you are struggling financially then there are several awards and scholarships available at The University of Auckland which may be able to help you. 

After returning from a gap year in the UK, Jubilee Scholarship winner Damon Woolf chose to come to The University of Auckland.

The University of Auckland Jubilee Awards (Non School Leavers) provide assistance in the form of living costs or tuition fees for three years of full-time undergraduate study.  

The University of Auckland Partnership Appeal Awards help students who have demonstrated the ability to succeed but are struggling financially in the final year of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme.

The Fair Wind Foundation Scholarships assist female students in any year of study who are experiencing challenging personal, family or financial circumstances that may prevent them from undertaking full-time study. Preference is given to women of Cook Island descent.

The Tertiary Study Support Scholarship for Parents is to assist students who became parents in their teens and are currently raising a young child while studying to complete their degree at the University of Auckland.

Student Emergency Fund

There is an emergency fund you can apply for if an unexpected event has caused financial difficulties and is affecting your studies. For more information, see Hardship support.

Financial assistance

Here are some more pages that you might find useful when it comes to managing your finances:

  • Budgeting - includes a budget worksheet, details of free on-campus budgeting workshops, tips on money management, and flatting.
  • Sorted website - budgeting advice, with budget calculators and planning tools.
  • Student Job Search website - help with finding a job to pay the bills.

Student experience

Damon Woolf

After returning from a gap year in the UK, Jubilee Award winner Damon Woolf chose to come to The University of Auckland.

Through an organisation called 'Tutors Worldwide' Damon spent 2009 as a Sports Coach at a prep school in Buckingham. Now he is in the first year of his BCom/BA, and plans to major in Marketing and Political Studies.

"It was hard coming back to New Zealand after experiencing so much overseas but Auckland has culture and diversity, it's an eclectic city with things going on every week so that made it easier.  Also, the fact that The University of Auckland is an internationally recognised tertiary institution is a huge drawcard for moving here".

Damon says that winning The University of Auckland Jubliee Award (Non-School Leavers) has been a massive help. The award pays $1,000 each semester for 3 years, and can be used for fees or living costs.

"All my family's in Christchurch and it's hard to find that work / study balance. The award is like a buffer, the money has allowed me to have a safety net for when I have extra expenses, like a really big power bill".

Moving to a new city can be daunting but Damon is unfazed.  "Overall I've found it really easy to meet new people," he says "Its just such a great vibe here on campus".


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