Alerts section of MyAucklandUni

This page explains the Alerts section of MyAucklandUni, and how it works.

Alerts section overview

This is the Alerts section:

Screenshot of Alerts section header

Within the Alerts section, you may see three types of alerts:

  • Emergency alerts
  • Urgent alerts
  • Support alerts
The most common type of alert is a support alert.

Purpose of alerts

The purpose of the Alerts section is to communicate important, high-priority, timely and relevant information to students.

Alert types, definitions and colours

Alert type Definition Colour
Emergency alert Messages about situations that are a threat to your safety and wellbeing. Light red
Urgent alert Messages about situations where you are required to take urgent action. Yellow
Support alert Messages that support you through the University's academic processes. Blue

Examples of alerts that you may see

Example of a support alert
Example of a support alert

Urgent alerts

  • Tuition fee payment reminders

Support alerts

  • Enrolment reminders
  • Exam reminders
  • Library and learning services
  • Counselling services