Learning section of MyAucklandUni

This page explains the Learning section of MyAucklandUni, and how it works.

Learning section overview

This is the Learning section:

Screenshot of Learning section header

Within the Learning section, there are two areas:

  • My courses
  • My results

My courses

The "My courses" area shows two main things:

  1. A direct link to the Canvas homepage.
  2. A list of your courses in which you are enrolled, which are also direct links to your course pages on Canvas.

Canvas courses message

When you first log into the Student Portal, you will see a message asking if you want to see your Canvas courses in MyAucklandUni.

Simply click "Yes, show me my Canvas courses!". You will be taken to a page on Canvas. This page will ask you to authorise MyAucklandUni to use your Canvas data. Once you have authorised this, you'll be taken back to MyAucklandUni.

You will only need to do this once.

My results

The "My results" area shows two main things:

  1. A direct link to Student Services Online.
  2. Direct links to specific areas of Student Services Online, including:
    1. Final results
    2. Course history
    3. Unofficial transcript
    4. Official transcript