Fly to Auckland: Luke's experience

Luke Elliott chose to study at the University of Auckland after visiting us on the ‘Fly to Auckland’ programme. Find out about Luke’s experience and see his stunning photos of Auckland.

Luke Elliott

“I recently completed my Master of Urban Planning and chose to study at the University of Auckland because I was lucky enough to get on the ‘Fly to Auckland’ programme. I spent one-on-one time with the head of the Urban Planning programme, Lee Beattie. He showed me the school’s facilities, which I was really impressed with. All the staff I met were really nice (which continued to be the case during my studies), and current students I met on the tour spoke highly of the programme.

“My main reservation about moving to Auckland was the cost. While Auckland is definitely more expensive to live in, I feel like you get your money's worth. There is so much more to do here in Auckland, and so much of it is free and readily accessible: from great walks, beaches, free movies at Silo Park and all sorts of great events around the city.

“Before moving up, I used to think Auckland mostly 'happened' in the city centre and then had lots of sprawling suburbs, but now I know that the suburbs have such unique identities, and so much going on in them, too.

“I'd definitely recommend moving to Auckland; it's been a great place to study and I've got my dream job out of it. Auckland may be the 'big city', but it definitely offers plenty of ways to escape city life and relax on the beach or in the bush.”

Luke Elliot