Research support

The Doctoral Skills Programme

The Doctoral Skills Programme offers you the opportunity to improve your skills in study, organisation and self-management. You need these skills to complete a major research project.

Doctoral Skills Programme


Doctoral Academic Leadership Initiative

The Doctoral Academic Leadership Initiative (DALI) gives mid-phase doctoral candidates a head start in their academic future. Emphasis is on:

  • Leadership in academia
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Professionalism

Doctoral Academic Leadership Initiative


Research scholarships

The University offers a wide range of research scholarships for masters, doctoral and international students as well as for students undertaking summer research projects.

Research scholarships and funding


PReSS accounts

The University’s PReSS accounts provide funding for doctoral students of up to $1,200 per year ($4,800 over the four-year period of registration) to assist with:

  • Conference travel
  • Travel related to fieldtrips
  • Other research requirements

PReSS accounts


Useful links

Follow these links to find support for your potential research project:

School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies has overall responsibility for the development and oversight of policies and procedures for graduate programmes, and for the promotion of graduate study and advocacy for graduate students.

They can assist with

  • Dedicated postgraduate advisers
  • Doctoral enquiries
  • Examination processes
  • Thesis submission
  • PReSS accounts

In addition, they organise regular events specifically for Doctoral and research students, including:


Student Learning Services (Tā te Ākonga)

Student Learning Services provide support for all coursework and thesis-writing postgraduates, including workshops, tutorials and data analysis skills for masters and doctoral researchers.

Student Learning Services