Teachers’ and students’ perspectives on on-line learning: a case study

Project code: EDU005


Constanza Tolosa

This project is a case study of one organisation, the Virtual Learning Network (Primary), working in partnership with a number of primary schools to deliver on-line courses in Asian languages.  Data are being gathered from on-line surveys (teachers and students), interviews (teachers) and focus groups (students).  The project seeks to uncover teachers’ and students’ perspectives on the effectiveness of students’ on-line learning.  The scholar will undertake an analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data and will write an initial report on the findings emerging. The scholar should be familiar with standard software packages such as Excel and Word.

Cultural and linguistic diversity in New Zealand early childhood education

Project code: EDU007


Angel Chan

This research project will use documentary analysis to investigate how the notion of cultural and linguistic diversity is promoted and enacted in New Zealand early childhood education (ECE). The main research questions are:

1)    How is the notion of cultural and linguistic diversity promoted in institutional documents, such as the New Zealand early childhood curriculum?

2)    How is the notion of cultural and linguistic diversity implemented in ECE settings?

The summer scholar will support this project by collecting data from publicly available institutional documents, including reports of ECE centres from the Education Review Office, and carrying out preliminary analysis of the data.

The role of isolated and integrated grammar instruction on second language learners’ accurate production in an oral story re-telling task

Project code: EDU012


Natsuko Shintani

The research project investigates the effects of grammar instruction provided in two ways: isolated explicit grammar explanation and input enhancement both aim at helping the learners to perform an oral story re-telling task. The summer scholar will work on 1) transcribing part of the oral production data, 2) coding the transcribed data, 3) scoring the test data, and 4) entering the data into a spreadsheet to prepare for analysis. The candidate should be proficient in Microsoft Excel and preferably be interested in second/ foreign language learning and teaching.

Exposure to technology

Project code: EDU014


Dr Kerry Lee

The summer scholar will identify the technology content in contemporary NZ literature. They will undertake an extensive literature review leading to possible joint publication. This is following on from research undertaken in 2014 and published in 2015.

The successful candidate will have an excellent understanding of what technology is and how the learning area is structured in the 2007 curriculum. The scholar will be able to work independently, demonstrate initiative and write well.

So what do experts think?

Project code: EDU015


Dr Kerry Lee

The summer scholar will assist with research into the practice of teachers fostering entrepreneurship. The data has been gathered and all that is needed now is an enthusiastic person to assist with analysis and literature searches, leading to possible joint publication. The successful candidate will be able to work independently, demonstrate initiative and write well.

Examining student and other stakeholder’s perceptions of postgraduate education in the Faculty of Education and Social Work

Project code: EDU021

The summer scholar will collect and analyse data to understand stakeholders’ perceptions of postgraduate education. The study will focus on Masters and Honours programmes and will examine student perceptions associated with how the Faculty structures programmes of study, and promotes and manages these programmes. Data collection will involve co-ordinating and participating in focus group interviews, web searches and document reviews. The results will be of pragmatic importance for the Faculty.

Physical activity, Physical Education, and Sport among young people in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Project code: EDU024


Ben Dyson

This research project explores the prevalence of physical activity, physical education, sport and the social support for physical activity for young people in Aotearoa/New Zealand from friends, parents, schools, sport clubs, and physical education classes. Data will be drawn from the Adolescent Health Research Group (AHRG) data previously collected from approx. 9,000 secondary students in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The overall aim is to explore the association between participation in physical activity/physical education/sport and the health and well-being young people in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

The summer scholar will become part of a research writing group and will perform literature searches and build an annotated bibliography on physical activity, Physical Education, and Sport research in secondary schools. The student will learn to use a new referencing system, Mendeley, and build a current Mendeley library of references. The student will organise data in Excel from data that has previously been analysed. The scholar will be involved in discussions about initial data analysis.