Evaluation of the 'Choosing Wisely' initiative

Project code:  MHS088


Medical Programme Directorate




Steven Lillis

The Council of Medical Colleges (CMC)represents 14 medical colleges (7,000 medical practitioners) in New Zealand. This project is to assist the CMC in evaluation of a new project called 'Choosing Wisely'. The Choosing Wisely campaign was initiated in 2012 by the American board of Internal Medicine with a goal of advancing a national dialogue between clinicians and their patients on avoiding wasteful or unnecessary medical tests, treatments and procedures in the USA. Subsequently the initiative has been taken up in Canada, Australia, the UK and some European Countries. The goal of the program for CMC is to promote a culture that avoids low value care; interventions that give little or no benefit to patients, where risk of harm exceeds likely benefit and where costs do not provide proportional benefit.

The aim of the evaluation is to establish baseline information on current utilisation of the initiative, clinician attitudes and awareness of Choosing Wisely and preferred methods of learning. The evaluation would be repeated in 1 and 2 years


Literature review - research skills

Review and critique of evaluation tools used overseas - critical appraisal

Development of a tool to be used in New Zealand - innovation

Pilot tool in New Zealand - application of research

Data interpretation

Conduct survey across Colleges - data gathering