Why do a Summer Research Scholarship?

A Summer Research Scholarship will give you experience conducting research under the guidance and support of a supervisor, and add significant value to your CV.


  • $6,000 tax-free stipend.
  • Get a taste of postgraduate research and help you think about pursuing postgraduate study.
  • If you are new to the University of Auckland or New Zealand, you can experience studying here and living in Auckland.
  • Improve your career opportunities. In some cases the scholarships lead to a career in research.
  • Develop research networks and collaborate with leading researchers.
  • Some summer scholars co-author presentations at international conferences and academic journal articles.
  • Exposure to authentic case studies.
  • Participate in project meetings.
  • Practice data collection, analysis, literature reviews, interviewing techniques and mind mapping.
  • Learn to use specialised software.
  • Acquire specialist laboratory and presentation skills.

Studying in Auckland in the summer

Auckland comes into its own in summer and it means you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning beaches, rainforests or some of the major events happening across the city.

Auckland in Summer

Summer accommodation

Conveniently located in the heart of Auckland City and close to the University, our University residences offer discounted accommodation over the summer.

Accommodation Summer Stays


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