Study Tips

We want you to gain the best possible results for your up-coming exams.  So here is a collection of study tips and tools we have curated for you to help you Achieve the Amazing.

Organise your study space

For inspiration for your room, check out these great study spaces

Make a study schedule

Use this study tool to make a schedule that will help you keep your study on track

Study with friends

Creating a study group with friends is a great way to stay motivated - and you'll hear ideas and opinions you might not have considered!

Be exam fit

Here are some great ways to exercise your brain for optimal memory retention

Plan your exam day

Take control on exam day – don’t let exam day control you! 

What's it like at University

Here's a taste of what University life is like. Study hard and we hope to see you soon at the University of Auckland.

Study in small blocks

Here’s a scientific look at why small chunks of study prepare you better for exams

Condense your notes

Good note-taking can mean less stress when it comes to studying

Don't do last minute revision

Sleep is much better for you than last minute revision.

Study your least favourite subjects first

Willpower is a limited resource so putting off that tough subject means you might run out of steam

Don't get distracted

Staying focused is key to effective study. Here are 10 top tips for staying focused

And finally .. oldie but a goodie