Great teaching, learning and research

If you choose to study here, you will be taught by academic staff who are experts in their chosen fields. Learning in a first-rate research-led environment means your courses will incorporate the latest findings and perspectives related to your interests.

Great teachers

Effective learning begins with great teachers. The University of Auckland has nearly 2,000 academic staff including researchers, scholars and creative artists at the forefront of their areas of expertise, both nationally and internationally. In fact, many write the leading textbooks on the subjects they teach. Our tutors and lecturers alike are committed to helping you to get the most from your study.

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Great learning

The approach to teaching at the University differs depending on the programme and courses you choose, but common teaching methods include lectures, studio sessions, tutorials, group workshops and practical work. Lectures involve large groups of students, and are the core teaching method in most courses. Tutorials are facilitated by a tutor, involve smaller groups of students, and are the forum for debating lecture topics, asking questions and seeking any help you may need. Practical learning (laboratories, field trips, etc) is also a large part of many courses.

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Great research

What's so important about research? Your courses will incorporate the latest findings and perspectives related to your discipline, including the research carried out by your teachers. Opportunities to learn in a variety of research-related ways include projects, case studies, problem-based learning or designing and conducting experiments.

Research-led learning lets you develop your practical skills and abilities in creative and critical enquiry. It also teaches you a variety of research techniques, practices and principles - all guided by experienced researchers. You will also be able to attend free research seminars, lectures and events, so you can hear presentations about current research projects.

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