Conjoint programmes

Conjoint programmes let you pursue two undergraduate bachelors degrees at the same time. We offer 25 conjoint combinations ranging from Commerce and Music to Science and Theology. Most combinations can be completed within four or five years rather than six to eight years if you were to complete each degree separately.

You may have the opportunity to begin a conjoint programme in the first or second year of study, and most programmes can be completed within five years, depending on the combination you opt for. Most students taking conjoint degrees complete a total of 30 points in General Education across the two degrees.

Conjoint students' fees will vary depending on the particular programmes they are enrolled in, but should be within the range of programmes for domestic students. In all cases, the fees per point will be charged at the rate set for that subject irrespective of the qualification the course is taken for. For more information visit

Note that not all degree programmes have conjoint options.

Click on the degree programme codes to view more information about each programme.

Conjoint programmes
  BA BCom BE(Hons) BFA BHSc BMus BNurs BProp BSc BTheol LLB

Admission and entry requirements

You can apply for a conjoint programme when you make your initial application to the University. Some combinations allow you to apply in subsequent years if you later decide you’d like to gain a second degree.

The rank score for admission into conjoint programmes is higher than that of single bachelor programmes. For more information, see Entry requirements and How to apply.

Before applying, you should consult with each of the faculties that provide the degrees you are considering studying. Contact details can be found in the relevant faculty Prospectuses

You should also refer to the conjoint degree regulations in The University of Auckland Calendar.