Our research stories

  • t-embracing-urban-sustainability
    Embracing urban sustainability and liveability
    23 February 2012
    Harvey brings extensive urban research expertise and national and international networks to the directorship of Transforming Cities, one of the University’s three thematic research initiatives (TRIs).
  • t-endangered-species
    Hope for critically endangered species
    21 February 2012
    Evidence that the critically endangered New Zealand storm petrel is breeding on islands in the Hauraki Gulf.
  • t-no-stopping-melanoma-researcher
    No stopping melanoma researcher
    15 February 2012
    When Stacey D’Mello was a five-year-old growing up in Bombay (now Mumbai) in India, she was diagnosed with Chlorodial Macular Degeneration in both eyes and told she’d eventually go blind.
  • t-power-of-food
    Power of food
    30 November 2011
    Popeye is an extreme example of “you are what you eat” as he downs a tin of spinach and gets a muscle-bulging burst of superhuman strength.
  • t-going-wireless
    Going wireless
    31 October 2011
    In by far the most significant technology transfer deal ever achieved by a New Zealand university, car travel worldwide is set to be transformed by revolutionary technology developed by The University of Auckland.
  • t-bright-sparks
    Bright sparks
    30 September 2011
    Delivering electricity without plugs or cables may sound like science fiction but engineering and commerce graduate Fady Mishriki (pictured left) has turned it into commercial fact.
  • t-built-to-last
    Built to last
    30 September 2011
    Turn on the tap and water comes out. If that doesn’t happen, no activity in a city can be sustained. So how does our water get to taps and how long can we take it for granted?
  • t-giving-voice-to-early-maori-writing
    Giving voice to early Māori writing
    31 August 2011
    What were first educational encounters between Pākehā and Māori really like? Answering this question has taken two University alumnae and education scholars on a unique academic journey. Rose Yukich tells their story.
  • t-ugly-side-of-female-friendships
    The ugly side of female friendships
    31 August 2011
    New research shows that “friendship bullying” is rife among female high school students. Vaneesa Bellew investigates.
  • t-venice-kapa-haka
    Venice Kapa Haka
    01 August 2011
    The serenading gondoliers of Venice have some competition this summer, with the New Zealand installation at the 2011 Venice Biennale being as much about music as art.
  • t-drug-discovery
    Drug discovery
    31 July 2011
    In a previous life, after completing registration as a medical doctor in the 1980s, Professor Rod Dunbar wrote musical plays for professional production.
  • t-power-to-computing
    Power to computing
    31 July 2011
    When the earthquake hit Christchurch in February, emergency response teams around the country quickly called up large sets of data and images from key sources.
  • t-predict-and-respond
    Predict and respond
    31 July 2011
    In the chaos of the Christchurch earthquakes St John has to get its ambulance service right: are there enough ambulances and paramedics in the worst-hit areas? Are their responses fast enough? If not, what has to be done to get them there and quickly