Aotearoa Vision Bus

University of Auckland optometry students currently screen the vision of thousands of schoolchildren in the Greater Auckland area every year. Our results suggest that one in ten children in New Zealand have correctable visual impairment that is not being treated.

Currently, we can only conduct simple tests on site and so rely on parents taking children who fail the screening to an optometrist for a full eye exam. The end result is that many children – often those most in need - do not end up getting glasses. This can significantly impact on educational outcomes.

If we could perform a full eye exam on site we could better ensure children got the glasses they need. To do this we seek to fund and purchase the New Zealand Vision Bus – NZ’s first mobile optometry clinic. The bus (depicted above) will contain two fully functional “testing lanes”, state-of-the art optometry imaging equipment and is fully wheelchair accessible.

The bus would allow us to expand our screening services into more rural areas and would even support us visiting care homes to deliver eye healthcare services to older people.

Your support will allow us to help more schoolkids see the blackboard better and to deliver better eye healthcare to all New Zealanders, regardless of their background.

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For more information, contact:

Karen Miller, Development Manager, Medicine and Health

M: 027 398 6555