From bombs to books

For students from a refugee background, a scholarship can mean the difference between going to university or not.

Kurdistan’s parents were forced to flee the country she was named after. She explains:

“They left everything behind just for safety and for a better life for their children. Then coming here, they had to adjust to a completely new culture, completely new religion, everything – which is a hard adjustment to make for anybody.”

Refugee families are amongst the poorest in New Zealand and can find themselves isolated and lonely when forced into a life they never anticipated.

Education is pivotal to changing the future for refugees.

Will you give a gift towards scholarships that will support students like Kurdistan as they strive to fulfil their potential at the University of Auckland?

Our house was bombed. A hit man was sent. My parents applied to be refugees. They didn’t know where they were going to go.


The University of Auckland is committed to providing scholarships to students who have been granted refuge in New Zealand.

Kurdistan sums up the importance of the University of Auckland refugee scholarship programme:

“It actually gives us a chance, because all the other Uni scholarships are open to everyone. There's a lot of competition for them. Having this one specifically for refugees is really important. It does mean that we actually get a chance to chase our dreams.”

Will you make a life-changing gift today and give more students like Kurdistan a chance to do their best and reach their potential – and their dreams?