Workshop: Chemical safety induction programme

Laboratory personnel must receive induction training before commencing work in one of our labs.

Note: This workshop is currently on hold until further notice due to an upcoming change in regulations. 

The programme

If departments have a standard process with sign off they may choose to continue with their system.

The standard induction programme for laboratory personnel on this page is to be used by Department and Laboratory Managers. If you are undertaking this programme, you should read the overview as it will guide you through the induction.

At the end of the process it is expected that you will know how to access MSDS sheets and have read and understood the requirements of the general laboratory safe methods of use.

There is a training sheet to be signed to acknowledge that you have read and understood the requirements.

Induction documents

Due to an upcoming change in regulations, we have removed our documents.

In the meantime, the best preparation for you to is read and become familar with our Rules, guidelines and safe methods of use.

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