Conjoint degrees with Law

You can do two degrees simultaneously, reducing your total time of study by one year of equivalent full-time study.

General information

When you study for a conjoint degree in law you can expect:
  • Completion in five years, but a heavier than normal load in four of the five years. There is no need to complete within the minimum timeframe, and you may wish to enrol for a more manageable load by extending the overall time-frame to five years plus one semester (or longer).
  • The remaining other degree course (15 points) can be taken in any of years 1-5, including Summer School.
  • The 15 point General Education course is to be taken in any of years 1-5, including Summer School.
  • Expect BE(Hons)/LLB conjoint degrees to take six years.

Note that although LAW 458 is an elective course for the LLB, the New Zealand Council of Legal Education (CLE) requires students intending to be admitted to the Bar to take this course.

The LLB conjoint structure

Apart from the BE(Hons)/LLB (see below), conjoint programmes with law are comprised of 405 points of Law courses and 270 points of courses from the other degree. Each of the component degrees includes 15 points of General Education courses.

  • Normally you would take either 120 or 135 points in each year of your conjoint programmes. The first year is normally comprised of LAW 121G, LAW 131, LAW 141, and 75 points of courses prescribed for the other degree.
  • Conjoint degree students normally undertake the LLB Part II over two years. Usually LAW 201, LAW 211 and LAW 298 are taken in the second year and LAW 231 and LAW 241 in the third year.

There are several ways of structuring a conjoint degree. Talk to both faculties before enrolling for your courses.

Conjoint degrees with law

Admission can be in the first year, or at any point before you have passed not more than 270 points for either component degree. Continuation depends on maintaining a good academic record.

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Laws (BAdv)Sc(Hons)/LLB

Combine legal acumen with advanced disciplinary knowledge and scientific research skills. This is a new programme being introduced in 2019.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (BA/LLB)

The BA/LLB lets you choose from a wide range of subjects offered by the faculties of Arts and Law. You can create your own combination of subjects as long as they comply with the course regulations of both degrees.

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws (BCom/LLB)

If you intend practising in commercial, taxation and company areas, then a BCom/LLB is an excellent choice. With this conjoint degree you will also gain a broad background suitable for a position in management or public administration.

If you wish to undertake this conjoint degree, don’t include COMLAW 101. In your BCom component, you are not permitted to include Commercial Law courses or majors in Commercial Law and Taxation. Refer to the BCom/LLB regulations in The University of Auckland Calendar.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Laws (BE(Hons)/LLB)

The BE(Hons)/LLB lets you combine legal training with professional engineering training. It is well suited to a career in management within a large engineering firm or in fields such as resource management, intellectual property and information systems. Expect your study to take six years.

This combination is comprised of 405 points of Law and 420 points of Engineering courses. Students wishing to pursue BE(Hons)/LLB degree are advised to consult with the Faculty of Engineering in the first instance.

Bachelor of Global Studies/Bachelor of Laws (BGlobalSt/LLB)

Build your legal skills and knowledge and study global issues to take on the challenges of global politics, law and human security. A BGlobalSt/LLB prepares you for a range of exciting careers such as in international law, politics and government, the environmental sector, international development, foreign affairs, trade or the creative industries.

Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Laws (BHSc/LLB)

You can plan a programme offering a sound introduction to law and the health care sector with a BHSc/LLB conjoint degree combination. This could lead to a career in medical law, health policy, health management or health care ethics.

Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Laws (BMus/LLB)

If you want a degree programme that provides you with two distinct skill sets, the BMus/LLB is an excellent choice. Follow your passion for music while gaining valuable analytical, communication and research skills – and gain an understanding of legal ethics, professional responsibility and the role law plays in society.

Bachelor of Property/Bachelor of Laws (BProp/LLB)

The conjoint BProp/LLB degree will provide you with a sound background for work as a specialist legal adviser or a management position within the property industry. In addition to the legal skills and knowledge, you will gain an understanding of property valuation, investment, management and marketing.

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws (BSc/LLB)

If you have an aptitude for science, a conjoint BSc/LLB degree gives you an excellent opportunity to construct a programme of study that can lead to a career in environmental law, intellectual property law, or a career within the scientific community. This could include the fields of biotechnology, information technology and forensic science.