LLB Part I Application and Enrolment Guide

Find out all you need to know about application and enrolment for LLB Part I, including how to apply if you are already a graduate.

Enquire about submitting an application for LLB Part I

We strongly recommend that you read this application and enrolment guide for the LLB first year, and that you submit your applications correctly and complete your enrolment for both semesters as classes fill up quickly.

  • Download a prospectus if you don't already have a copy
  • Discuss this prospectus with family, friends, careers advisers, teachers, current Law students and practising lawyers
  • Visit our guide to getting admission to LLB Parts I and II

If you would like more information sent to you about any specific programme or area of study featured in this prospectus, visit the Auckland Law School website.

For further enquiries, contact the faculty:

Student Adviser (Undergraduate)
Law Student Centre, Level 2, Building 810
Email: undergradlaw@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: +64 9 923 1973

Apply for a place in a programme(s)

If you are applying for LLB Part I, you need to apply for Law and another bachelors degree (relevant to your non-law courses). If you are applying for a conjoint programme you should make a conjoint application in addition to applying for the two individual degrees. Admission to a conjoint programme with Law requires a higher entry standard.

  • Sign up for a new account
  • Complete the Application for Admission
  • For LLB Part I, select “LLB Part I” for your plan
  • If you are applying for a conjoint programme please select the appropriate conjoint programme e.g. BCom/LLB Part I
  • If you are applying for a single LLB Part I programme you must select anther degree programme as well 

Submit your supporting documents

You will receive an acknowledgement email asking you to provide specific certified documents. Please be aware that documents can take three to four weeks to be processed during peak admission periods.

We’ll also send you a Student ID number. You can use this to sign into your Application for Admission, check your application status and see the documentation you need to provide.

Check it out: Your application status.  

Accepting your offer and enrolling for LLB Part I courses

If your application is successful, we’ll email you an offer of place. For Semester One applications, this normally happens from mid-January.

You may receive a conditional offer but final approval will be dependent on fulfilment of the conditions of admission to BOTH the University and the programme.

  1. Go into Student Services Online (SSO) and accept the offer LLB (single or conjoint) with Law Part I specialisation
  2. Wait for at least 15 minutes
  3. Log onto SSO again and enrol in Semester One and Semester Two separately using Timetable Planner

How to use Timetable Planner

  1. Sign into Student Services Online, click the Enrol icon
  2. Click on Add classes with, then click on Timetable Planner
  3. Select the Semester you want.
  4. Click on the green Timetable Planner button
  5. Click Add Course - You can enrol using By Subject
  6. Choose your Subject and Course using the drop down menus

Enrolment for LLB Part II

To apply for LLB Part II in 2021, you must enrol in LAW 121G and three other papers from your other degree in Semester 1, and LAW 131, 141 and two other papers from your other degree for Semester 2.

  • Click Add Course until all your courses are added. Click Done to be taken back to the main screen
  • Click Generate Timetables to see a detailed view of the timetable and click View/Submit
  • Click Send to Enrolment Cart
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and Click on Confirm Enrolment
  • Repeat the steps above for Semester Two enrolment

Disclaimer: The University of Auckland may not be able to accommodate a student's personal commitments when developing potential clash-free timetables.

For any enquiries regarding your enrolment, please contact AskAuckland Central or the Law Student Centre.

View now: LLB Part I degree structure.

Please note:

There is no direct entry from secondary school into LLB Part II. You must first enrol in another university degree programme and also complete all LLB Part I pre-requisite courses. Not all students who complete Part I will be able to continue on to LLB Part II. Admission to Part II is limited and competitive. You will be selected on the basis of academic merit – your Part I results and results from your other university courses will be used to assess whether or not you will be selected for Part II. Special entry schemes for admission are available for domestic students. Selection and admission criteria for entry to LLB Part II may change each year.

​The above is subject to change each year

Graduates applying for LLB

University graduates who wish to apply for the LLB degree have two options:

Pathway No. 1

Graduate applicants may apply for LLB Part I first and complete LAW 121G, LAW 131 and LAW 141, and cross credit their best, most recent 75 points from the previous recent most degree programme.

Law Part I consists of:

  • 15 points - LAW 121G Law and Society
  • 15 points - LAW 131 Legal Method
  • 15 points - LAW 141 Legal Foundations
  • 75 points - 5 non-law courses from another degree programme (Please refer to the Law Prospectus)

Graduate applicants may be exempt from 75 points of non-law courses from the most recent year of university degree study. Applicants, however, require a high grade point average to secure a place in LLB Part II. The required GPA may range from 6.00 (B+) to 7.00 (A-). Therefore graduate applicants who wish to substitute previous university degree courses in lieu of the 75 points of non-law courses, may wish to consider the grades they have received in these courses and enrol in further non-law courses to improve their grade point average.

If you wish to be considered for the exemption please send a copy of your most recent university degree transcript to the Student Advisor - Part I, undergradlaw@auckland.ac.nz, so the Grade Point Average (GPA) can be calculated.

Pathway No. 2

Graduate applicants who want to apply for the LLB degree can sit LSAT (see http://www.lsac.org/ for information) and present that score as evidence of legal aptitude and (if selected) take the Stage I and II law courses concurrently in the first academic year of their law studies.

Entry into LLB Part II in the pathway No.2 is determined by taking into account the grades an applicant has received in the most recent, best 120 points of the previous degree, plus the score an applicant receives in the LSAT examination (ie. LSAT score counts as 30 points). If you have completed papers in Commercial Law in Stage III or higher (eg. under a BCom degree or a MBA), the Law Faculty may consider those courses to measure your legal aptitude and exempt you from the requirements of LSAT.

When you send in your transcript for GPA calculation please include your contact details in the accompanying letter.

The merit of pathway No. 1 is that it saves the trouble and expense of the LSAT, as you have to do LAW 121G, LAW 131 and LAW 141 in both pathways. It is helpful to get those out of the way before starting on the LLB Part II courses. But the disadvantage, of course, is that you have to extend the law studies over a longer period, commencing in March or July and extending the study period by another six months or one year.

Further information:

Law Student Adviser
Law Student Centre
Level 2 Building 810
Phone: 923 7939
Email: undergradlaw@auckland.ac.nz