Law student exchange

Complete part of your degree in other Universities while earning credits towards your University of Auckland Law degree.

Visit 360º Auckland Abroad for all information on:

  • Eligibility
  • Fees
  • Scholarships
  • How to apply
  • What to do after coming back
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  • General information
  • Credit
  • Costs

Outbound student exchanges

When you go abroad

  • You are usually in your 4th or 5th year
  • You can go for a semester (or two)
  • You remain enrolled at the University of Auckland 
  • You continue to pay tuition fees at Auckland
  • You pay no fees to the partner institution

Benefits to Law students

  • Experiencing a different culture will broaden your horizons
  • Increase your cultural awareness
  • Develop a much more international outlook
  • Help you to become more flexible and adaptable in your work and study
  • Chance to develop lasting international friendships and business links
  • Study subject not covered at University of Auckland
  • Gain a comparative perspective on NZ law

Where can Law students go?

  1. Aarhus University, Denmark
  2. Bucerius Law School, Germany
  3. China University of Political Science and Law, China
  4. Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  5. Ghent University, Belgium
  6. Indiana University, USA
  7. Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University , France
  8. Keio University, Japan
  9. King's College London, England
  10. Lund University, Sweden
  11. National University of Singapore, Singapore
  12. Peking University, China
  13. Renmin University of China, China
  14. Stockholm University, Sweden
  15. Tilburg University, Netherlands
  16. Tsinghua University, China
  17. University College Dublin, Ireland
  18. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  19. University of Bergen, Norway
  20. University of British Columbia, Canada
  21. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  22. University of Glasgow, Scotland
  23. University of Hong Kong, China
  24. University of Nottingham, England
  25. University of Oslo, Norway
  26. University of Toronto, Canada
  27. University of Virginia, USA
  28. University of Western Ontario, Canada
  29. Uppsala University, Sweden
  30. Utrecht University, Netherlands
  31. College of William and Mary, USA
  32. Queen Mary University, UK
  33. Newcastle University, UK

Faculty Specific Requirements

  • Must complete compulsory Part III courses:
    • LAW301 A+B Land Law
    • LAW306 A+B Equity
    • LAW316 Jurisprudence
  • If a student is going on exchange in their last semester they must enrol into LAW 498 in the penultimate semester
  • In selecting courses cannot select courses that are substantially similar to the ones completed at University of Auckland.

How to apply

  1. Research your university options
  2. Complete the Host University Preference and Proposed Courses Form
  3. Submit your application through Via TRM
  4. Complete the Course Approval form
    (send to the Student Adviser – Angela Vaai)
    Application deadlines for Semester One 2019 exchange: 1 July 2018                                      Application deadlines for Semester Two 2019 exchange: 1 December 2018


  • No additional costs
  • StudyLink portable
  • Scholarships available
  • Individual universities grants and scholarships
    • 360 International Exchange Awards
    • 360 International Award for Māori and Pacific Students   
    • 360 International Award for Equity Students
    • Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia (PMSA)

Opportunity to Study in London
Centre for Transnational Legal Studies London – Part III Law Students

The London-based Centre for Transnational Legal Studies, launched in 2008 and administered by Georgetown Law Centre staff is a global partnership currently encompassing over 20 schools from almost as many countries around the world.

  • The University of Auckland Law School joined the partnership in 2010 as an Affiliate Member
  • The Faculty will cover the tuition fees for one student to attend one semester at the CTLS in London.
  • Accommodation and travel costs must be paid by the student.
  • Subjects studied may be credited towards the LLB or LLB (Hons).

Inbound student exchanges

Courses available to incoming students

Need more information?

  • Attend a 360° International Information seminar held every Thursday at 2pm in iSPACE, Level 4, Student Commons, 2 Alfred Street. During the seminar you can talk to a 360° International officer and have your questions answered.
  • 360º Auckland Abroad

Who can I talk to

If you have any question about the programme in general, how to apply or to get an update on your application, please contact the 360° International Office

If you would like to discuss academic matters such as your course approval, contact Law student advisor Angela Vaai