Chesta Fa'otusia

Originally from Tonga, Chesta recognises the opportunities and sacrifices that have helped her get to Auckland Law School.

“My family and I came to New Zealand when I was very young, and a lot of the mentalities I discovered here were not only foreign, but worked to create a fear inside of me that challenged my confidence in many ways.

“Looking back now, my adversities had only given me the space I needed to discover who I am and to celebrate my identity as a young Tongan woman.

“Auckland Law school has given me an opportunity to apply myself and affect change that is beyond me. I owe this realization to where I come from.

“Before Auckland Law School, my brother and I went to a low decile high school. When I chose to pursue my university education, he sacrificed his own in order to help my mum provide for me.

“His is one example of strength that inspires me every day and to think about those around me who may need someone to believe in their potential – as I did."