Humans on video

Our humans chat about their success. It comes in many forms.

Success comes in different shapes and sizes, is rarely linear and can involve backwards steps as well as leaps forward. Here are some examples:

  • Advances in social justice
  • Completing a degree with five children to support and not a whole lot of financial support
  • Appointment to the bench
  • Representing those who otherwise have little access to legal services
  • And many more...

In these videos, we celebrate the inspiring success of some of our Auckland Law School people.

Naomi Tewhare

A powerful story about Auckland Law School graduate Naomi Tewhare, with an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

Vanushi Walters

“In my opinion to be a lawyer means to ensure that everyone has access to justice.”

Vanushi Walters is General Manager, YouthLaw Aotearoa, and a former member of Amnesty International’s Global Executive Committee. She holds a BA/LLB(Hons) from the University of Auckland and Master of Studies in International Human Rights Law from Oxford University.

David Tong

"I want to leave the world a better place."

After beginning a career in commercial litigation, Auckland Law School alumnus David Tong created a path towards his original passion - working to protect the environment.

Sandra Alofivae

"Every one of us serves a different purpose."

With decades of experience advocating for families, Ali'imuamua Sandra Alofivae now uses her skills and knowledge to improve policy at a government and regional level.