John Kingi

John’s a Law student also studying for a BA in Politics and History.

John Kingi, pictured in front of the Rainbow Law flag

“I came out at high school at 16 and that was the beginning of a challenging period in my life. I went from being a top academic student with a clear pathway to leaving school without University entrance.

“In the years following I worked and grew and experienced a variety of pathways. In 2015 I came back to University life and haven't looked back.

“My own experiences led me to serve our Rainbow Whanau where I have been Chairperson and Treasurer for charity Rainbow Youth, current Co-Chair of the Auckland Council Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel and Co-President for our Rainbow Law group here at Law school from 2017-18.

“At 27 I travelled my own path and I have learnt that it’s important to be true to yourself and to not allow others to determine who and what you are."