Work rooms

As a law student you can access special rooms where you can study quietly. There are even private rooms for postgraduate and PhD students wishing to study alone or in project groups.

Bradley using one of the work rooms to study
Bradley using one of the work rooms to study

If you are studying Law, particularly as a postgraduate or PhD student, you’ll find work rooms set up specifically for this purpose. These require a key and/or access card. You can book these rooms or just hope one is available when you need it.

There is also a large room available for all Law students, not only those at postgraduate or PhD levels. It can be accessed without a key and access card.

Large shared room

  • For all Law students (undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD)
  • Room 430, level 4, building 810, Short St
  • 42 workstations
  • First come, first served basis
  • Two large printers in the Print Room next door
  • A large kitchen next door
  • No access card or key required
  • Open: 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday
Large shared study space on Short St

Private single rooms – PhD students only

  • Rooms 703, 705, 707 in building 810, Short St
  • Keys are required for these rooms
  • Also, large workroom 711 for PhD student use only – access card required, no key
  • Collect keys from the Reception Law Student Centre, Level 2, Building 810
  • To book a room, email postgraduate law adviser Angela Vaai
  • Open: 8am-10pm, Monday-Sunday  

Private single rooms – Postgraduate students

  • Rooms 409, 413 and 415
    • Level 4, building 810, Short St
    • Kept unlocked but needs an access card
    • Open: 8am-10pm, Monday-Sunday
  • Room 411
    • Level 4, building 810, Short St
    • Belongs to the Law PG casebook team
    • Entry is by access card and key only
    • Open: 8am-10pm, Monday-Sunday