Indigenous Persons: Law and Policy

Taught by world-leading academic, Professor Robert A. Williams, Jr, University of Arizona.

Study as a stand-alone course or as part of a degree programme.

About LAWPUBL 749 Special topic: Indigenous Persons: Law and Policy:

The course explores international and comparative law and policy relevant to Indigenous peoples. Beginning with an examination of the United Nations system as it relates to Indigenous peoples, the course will also analyse the groundbreaking jurisprudence of the Inter-American and African regional human rights systems. Moving to comparative jurisdictions, it will examine the United States, Brazil and Namibia with respect to their laws and policies relevant to Indigenous peoples.

Who can take this course? 

Anyone with an Undergraduate degree can enrol to take this course as part of our Master of Legal Studies degree or as a stand-alone course via our Certificate of Proficiency.

Alternatively, if you are an LLB graduate, you can enrol in the course as part of our Master of Laws degree or the Postgraduate Certificate in Law.

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