Law and Covid-19 Webinar Series

In this webinar series, Auckland Law School academics will offer brief live talks followed by a Q&A session to provide their expert opinions on topics of relevance to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Law and Covid-19 Webinar Series: The Lawfulness of the New Zealand Government's Lockdown


Date: Wednesday 13th May, 10:30am

In this presentation Dr Edward Willis discussed challenges to the lawfulness of the Government's lockdown, including in the courts and Parliament, the possible outcomes, and why these types of challenges are important.  

Unanswered Questions

Law and Covid-19 Webinar Series: What are some of the legal issues around The Treaty and Covid-19?


Friday 15th May, 2pm

In this talk Dr Claire Charters discussed where New Zealand’s constitutional foundation, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, fits in all the emergency powers, regulations and obligations on the Government in this time of pandemic.

Q&A to follow