Sustainable Trade and Climate Change in the New Zealand-EU Free Trade Agreement Seminar

Date - 12 May 2022, 1-2.30pm
Location - Case Room 4/260-009, Owen G Glenn Building, UoA Business School and live online
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New Zealand and the European Union both have strong ambitions in these important areas. In this seminar our expert speakersconsider how these may shape the future of NZ-Europe trade.

The Europe Institute and the New Zealand Centre forEnvironmental Law invite you to an important event, chaired byAssociate Professor Maureen Benson-Rea of the Europe Institute.

Our expert panel of speakers will be:

Caroline Lambert, Head of Trade for the EU Delegation to Aotearoa New Zealand:
Caroline will focus on EU bilateral FTAs andunilateral settings (taking responsibility forbeyond the border impacts of EU consumptionand EU corporates’ behaviour and supplychains).

Brett Longley, Senior Policy Analyst, Trade Policy and Negotiations Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade:
Brett will discuss New Zealand’s approachto trade and sustainable developmentwith reference to recent FTAs, sense ofNew Zealand’s approach to TSD issues in allour FTAs, including those that the EU-NZ TSDchapter addresses – and issues that it doesn’taddress.

Professor Caroline Foster, Auckland Law School, and Director, New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, University of Auckland:
Caroline will cover the ACCTS initiative, analternative approach to support and advanceclimate and sustainable developmentobjectives through a plurilateral ‘pathfinder’agreement that could eventually lead to amultilateral outcome.