Below is a list of all academic staff members and the areas in which they are usually able to offer research supervision.

Klaus Bosselmann, Professor
Specialisations: Global environmental constitutionalism; International and Comparative Environmental Law; Governance of commons and markets; NZ constitutional development; Human rights and the environment; Legal theory and jurisprudence

Nikki Chamberlain, Lecturer
Specialisations: Class actions and litigation funding; Civil procedure; Law of family property; Privacy; Defamation; Intentional torts

Claire Charters, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Treaty of Waitangi legal issues; Comparative law and indigenous issues, especially vis a vis NZ, Canada, USA, Australia; International law and indigenous issues; Human rights and indigenous issues; The relationship between indigenous customary law and mainstream law; Political theory and law relevant to Indigenous peoples; Critical race theory; Third world approaches to international law

Vincent Cogliati-Bantz, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Law of the sea; Public international law; European union law; International organisations; Aspects of space law

Francis Dawson, Professor
Specialisations: Contract; Sale of Goods; Sale of Land

Peter Devonshire, Professor
Specialisations: Equity (principles/theory); Remedies; Trusts; Property (including personal property)
Research and Study Leave July - December 2018.

Katherine Doolin, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: Restorative justice; Criminal law and criminal justice; Victimology; Youth justice

Treasa Dunworth, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Public International Law; International Institutions; International Peace and Security; International Humanitarian Law; Disarmament; South Pacific Legal Issues

Craig Elliffe, Professor
Specialisations: International taxation; Corporate taxation; Taxation of trusts and non-corporate entities; Tax avoidance; Tax reform including capital gains tax
Research and Study Leave January - June 2019.

Andrew Erueti, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Treaty of Waitangi; Māori land law; Māori customary law; Human rights and indigenous rights
Research and Study Leave July - December 2018.

Caroline Foster, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Public international law; Public interests and private actors in international law; National/international regulatory interfaces; Trade and environment; investment and environment; Oceans issues; Science and international law; International environmental law and harm to shared resources; International dispute settlement

David Grinlinton, Professor
Specialisations: Land law including indefeasibility issues; Mining, energy and natural resources law; Resource management including ‘sustainability’; Commercial leases; Housing law and policy

Mr Rohan Havelock, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: Equity; Unjust Enrichment; Restitution; Contract Insurance
Research and Study Leave January - June 2019.

An Hertogen, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: International law; International economic law; Masters and Honours dissertations: Consumer law; competition law
Research and Study Leave January - June 2019.

Bill Hodge, Professional Teaching Fellow
Specialisations: Employment law

Anna Hood, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: Public International Law; International Law and Security; International Organisations; Refugee Law; Immigration Law; Arms Control and Disarmament

John Ip, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: Counterterrorism law and constitutionalism; Comparative counterterrorism law; National security law; Comparative constitutionalism; NZ Bill of Rights Act; Constitutional law Law and Popular Culture
Research and Study Leave January - December 2019.

Amokura Kawharu, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Commercial arbitration (domestic, international); Investment arbitration; Investment law; Free trade agreements
Research and Study Leave January - December 2019.

Jane Kelsey, Professor
Specialisations: International economic agreements and negotiations; Trade in services agreements; International digital trade agreements; International investment agreements; Law and globalisation; Domestic policy and regulatory processes; Law and development.

Timothy Kuhner, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Campaign finance and party finance; corruption; critical approaches to law and political economy; economic and political inequality; comparative constitutional law; democratic theory.

Carrie Leonetti, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Comparative criminal procedure; Evidence; Miscarriages of justice; Forensic science & DNA analysis; Forensic psychiatry, social psychology, and criminal justice; Eyewitness identification; Interrogations and confessions

Michael Littlewood, Professor
Specialisations: Tax law and tax policy including international tax (for example, tax treaties); Tax avoidance; Tax history; Political and constitutional aspects of taxation (for example, fiscal responsibility); Tax competition; Doctrinal analysis

Jo Manning, Professor
Specialisations: Treatment injury head of cover of ACC; Medical and health law, policy and ethics issues; Negligence, especially medical negligence

Janet McLean, Professor
Specialisations: Public-private distinction; Damages in public law; Judicial review of contracting; Application of public law to private bodies; Public authority liability; General administrative law; Bill of Rights, especially institutional design questions and anti-discrimination law under Human Rights Act Part 1A; EU public law; Bureaucracy, and public management techniques; Constitutional reform; Comparative constitutionalism; The nature of the Crown
Research and Study Leave July - December 2018.

Chris Noonan, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Company Law; Competition Law; Economic regulation; International trade and the WTO

Jane Norton, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: Religious freedom; Freedom of expression; Associative Freedom; Human Rights theory; NZ Bill of Rights; Charitable Trusts; The Law of Trusts; Administrative Law

Scott Optican, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Evidence; Criminal Procedure; Police Powers; Bill of Rights (criminal); Criminal Justice

Ron Paterson, Professor
Specialisations: Health law and policy; Regulation of health practitioners; Patient safety and quality; Patient's rights; The Health and Disability Commissioners complaint system

Paul Rishworth, Professor
Specialisations: Bill of Rights Comparative human rights law; Constitutional and administrative law; South Pacific constitutions

Marcus Roberts, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: Contract Law; Company Law; Torts Law

Arie Rosen, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: Topics in general jurisprudence, including the rule of law, legal reasoning, legal authority, theories of rights, the concept of law; Topics in philosophy of private law, including theories of contract and property; Topics in legislation and statutory law, including democratic theory, separation of powers, judicial review, statutory interpretation

Nicole Roughan, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Topics in general jurisprudence, pluralist jurisprudence (including the interaction of state and non-state law, indigenous legal theory, theories of international law); Topics in theories of authority and other topics at the intersection of legal and political theory (including justice, theories of recognition, and pluralism)

Katherine Sanders, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: Land law including theories of property and property in land, land and human rights, public property; Legal History, particularly New Zealand legal history

Paul Sumpter, Senior Lecturer
Specialisations: Intellectual property law

Warren Swain, Professor
Specialisations: English legal history, especially the history of contract law, tort law and unjust enrichment; The history of legal literature; Legal biography; English, New Zealand or Australian contract law; The history of contract law in New Zealand
Research and Study Leave July - December 2018.

Fleur Te Aho, Lecturer
Specialisations: International law and indigenous peoples' rights; Human rights law and indigenous peoples' rights; Treaty of Waitangi legal issues; Criminal law and criminal justice

Julia Tolmie, Professor
Specialisations: Criminal law and criminal justice; Women and the law; Feminist jurisprudence

Susan Watson, Professor
Specialisations: Company law; Corporate governance
Research and Study Leave July - December 2018.

Peter Watts, Professor
Specialisations: Company law; Equity; Restitution; Agency law; Trusts; Securities

Hanna Wilberg, Associate Professor
Specialisations: Administrative law; Public authority liability; NZ Bill of Rights Act, especially its operating principles; Treaty of Waitangi; Statutory Interpretation

David Williams, Professor
Specialisations: Legal History – particularly English, colonial and New Zealand legal history; Public law issues – especially those concerned with the Treaty of Waitangi and also the role of the Crown in the constitution

Edward Willis, Lecturer
Specialisations: Constitutional law; Administrative law; Competition law; Economic regulation