James Dalton

James Dalton fell in love with criminal law during his second year of study. Now he wants to help regulate crime in society.

Portrait of James Dalton
Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Bachelor of Commerce conjoint student James Dalton.

“One of my reasons for studying law was because I thought I was going to make lots of money in commercial law. But in my second year I fell in love with criminal law and decided that helping regulate crime in society was my calling.

“Because I was interested in commercial law and finance, I chose a BCom as my conjoint degree. Even though I’m not going down that track now, it has added another dimension to my studies. Crime can involve commercial transactions or financial instruments at times, and my BCom has given me an advantage in this area.

“The thing I like most about my law study is the problem solving. I really enjoy getting a set of facts and working through them to find a solution – it’s like analytical processing with a touch of creative flair. Learning how to learn has probably been the most valuable skill I’ve acquired – there won’t be a time in my life where I know everything!

“Socially Law School is awesome. My band has been involved with the music scene in Shadows which is always a cool time. I met all the members of my band through uni and I love those boys to death. I’ve cast a very wide net as far as my circle of friends are concerned, and appreciate everyone I have met while studying here.

“My top piece of advice for those starting Law School is apply for things – even if you think you’re underqualified for a job or position at the University. You would be surprised how many people are put off giving things a go by thinking the exact same way.”