Jennifer Garnett

Jenn Garnett is studying for a Master of Legal Studies and works for the Non-Governmental Organisation, Youth Horizons Trust (Kia Puāwai).

Master of Legal Studies student Jenn Garnett

"I am a criminologist by profession and work for a Non-Governmental Organisation. Although the law is related to criminology, my previous university study had not exposed me to law in an academic capacity. I chose to do the Master of Legal Studies specialising in International Law to expand my knowledge and understanding of this field. I aspire to be involved in the investigation and prosecution of war crimes, so the opportunity to specialise was pivotal to my decision.

Postgraduate study let me explore my own thinking about major issues. The collegial feel and small class sizes supported a deeper consideration and debate of my own and other’s ideas. Both staff and fellow students have contributed to my understanding and consideration of legal issues, and the multitude of factors, both covert and overt, that are involved. I believe I have made lifelong personal and professional connections as a result of studying at the Law School.

I was able to apply my criminology background to my research, incorporating this lens into my consideration of legal questions. I enjoyed exploring how society and cultural norms impact upon the construction and implementation of law, offering an interesting approach to a field that can at times be constructed as objective in nature.

A highlight was the number of international students in the programme. The diversity of the student body offered an amazing enrichment to discussions about the history of international law.

Living in Auckland allows me to indulge my love for books and art through attending arts, film and comedy festivals. I’m a fan of the wallet-friendly outdoor movie nights and eateries at the city’s waterfront park."