Pacific Academic Support Strategies (PASS)

PASS runs many student support schemes to foster and advance Pacific achievement.

PASS initiatives are designed to nurture and promote the desire for academic excellence. To this end, PASS programs focus on supplementing compulsory academic courses and furnishing students with skills and experiences that are helpful for entering the legal profession. PASS initiatives are also designed to provide a smoother transition into the Law School, to ensure that Pacific students realise their potential.

PASS tutorials

Every year, regular PASS tutorials are offered for all compulsory Part I, Part II and Part III courses.

PASS tutorials run in addition to the mainstream tutorials. They are only compulsory for students who gain entry into Part II under the Pacific TAS; all other Pacific students may attend in accordance with the PASS Attendance Policy. Students aiming to get into the LLB (Hons) degree are strongly advised to attend PASS tutorials.

Students will be able to self-stream into the tutorials via the PASS pages on CANVAS. A schedule of the tutorial dates, room and tutors will be uploaded before semester 1 begins.

PASS workshops

PASS runs pre-test workshops for compulsory courses, prior to all tests and exams. These workshops follow on from the regular tutorials and are only open to students who participate in the PASS tutorial programme.

Information about upcoming workshops will be posted on Canvas.

PASS attendance policy

1. Enrolment for the PASS programme is voluntary, with the exception of those students who have a formal agreement with the faculty stating otherwise.
2. All students who do enroll into the PASS programme agree to adhere to the PASS attendance requirements as stated below:

a. All students must attend every PASS tutorial and workshop.
b. In the event that the student is unavoidably absent from a PASS tutorial due to class clash, illness, family emergency or similar reason, the student must file a tutorial absence notice with either the PASS tutor or the Pacific academic and support adviser.
c. If the student is absent from two PASS tutorials and has failed to file a tutorial absence notice for both of those absences, the faculty will assume the student no longer wishes to participate in PASS and may exclude the student from all subsequent PASS initiatives. In that event the student will not be able to attend PASS tutorials, workshops and other professional development initiatives.