LAW 399 - Legal Research 2

Credit points: 10 points
Offered: First Semester
Contact hours: Lectures - 2 hours per week
Course Director: Bronwyn Davies
Prerequisites: LAW 298 or 299, and LAW 201, 211, 231, 241

LAW 399 is being phased out and will no longer be offered after Semester One 2019.

If students have enrolled in and/or have completed one or more Part III courses (LAW 301, LAW 306, or LAW 316) in 2018 (or prior to 2018), they must also pass LAW 399 in order to complete the LLB/LLB(Hons) or conjoint Law programmes.

Course description

An introduction to advanced research skills and multi-jurisdictional legal information sources.

Content outline

  • New Zealand Legislation including extrinsic resources, legislative histories, secondary and tertiary legislation
  • Case Law including NZ historical resources, citators, indexes and digests
  • Legal Research frameworks for conducting research, research trails
  • Secondary sources
  • Research in other common law jurisdictions, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and United States of America
  • International law research
  • Researching in legal practice
  • Self-paced online instruction for major law databases


100% on-course assessment comprising:

  • Two research exercises, each worth 15% of the final mark
  • 70% research trail


Students are strongly recommended to link their research trails for this course with the formal writing requirement for an opinion, elective or honours dissertation. If students are unable to link their research trail to a writing requirement for another course, then an assigned topic is available.

Prescribed text

Geoff McLay, Christopher Murray and Jonathon Orpin New Zealand Law Style Guide (3rd ed, Thomson Reuters, Wellington, 2018).

Available at