LAW 498 - Advanced Legal Research 3 OR LAW 499 - Legal Practice

Students enrol for either LAW 498 (0 points) or LAW 499 (0 points) usually in the semester in which they are completing their LLB requirements. LAW 498 and LAW 499 involve participation in a moot (above Part II) and the fulfilment of certain writing requirements in connection with the elective courses in Parts III and IV.

Prior to 2017 students had the choice of LAW 400 or LAW 499. LAW 400 has now been discontinued, and LAW 498 introduced in its place.

LAW 498 - Advanced Legal Research, Writing and Communication

LAW 498 will be required of all students admitted to LLB Part III in 2017 or a later year. It will be an option for students admitted to Part III before 2017. The requirements for LAW 498 are as follows:

  1. Obtaining a pass in a moot above Part II; any moot that is optional (not part of course requirements) will qualify. This will not be limited to the General, Family, Māori Issues or Pacific moots, but includes some competition moots.
  2. Satisfactory completion of a sustained piece of legal writing of at least 4,000 words in connection with an elective course. This could be satisfied in various ways, including: Supervised Research; a PILO (so long as it is at least 4,000 words); the report for LAWGENRL 405 or 447; the research essay for a 15- or 30-point masters course taken for LLB; Honours seminar papers and dissertations; any other single piece of writing of the required length.

LAW 499 remains available for students who were admitted to Part III before 2017. However, it will be discontinued at the end of 2018. Any student who has not completed the requirements of LAW 499 by December 2018 will be required to pass LAW 498.

LAW 499 - Legal Practice

The requirements for LAW 499 are:

  1. Obtaining a pass in a compulsory Part III moot (General, Family, Māori Issues or Pacific Islands)
  2. Obtaining a pass in each of five single pieces of legal writing of at least 1,500 words written in association with law elective courses.

A single piece of legal writing of at least 1,500 words for LAW 499 may include:

  • Opinions, research essays or other written assignments in 10-pt, 15-pt and 20-pt law elective courses
  • Research essays or other written assignments
  • Research papers in lieu of examinations (PILO)
  • Supervised Research papers (LAW 456)

As long as three pieces of legal writing are completed, students may substitute for one or two of the remaining two pieces of legal writing:

  • A Community Placement; or
  • A subject-related or competitive moot (including Stout Shield); or
  • Two subject-related or competitive moots (including Stout Shield) if no Community Placement has been counted.

The following do not qualify for an opinion credit towards LAW 499:

(a) AULR editorial work or other roles
(b) EJP
(c) Participation in competitions such as Model UN, World Client Interviewing
(d) Honours seminar papers and dissertations
(e) External or international mooting competitions