LAWCOMM 422 - Competition Law

Credit points: 15 points
Offered: Second Semester
Contact hours: Lectures - 3 hours per week
Course Coordinator: Associate Professor Chris Noonan
Prerequisites: LAW 241 or COMLAW 201 and 203
Restriction: LAW 419

Course description

LAWCOMM 422 will give you a thorough general understanding of New Zealand competition law and policy. The course explains the legal and economic principles which underpin and continue to shape competition law here and abroad.

The course does not consider in any detail related topics such as the regulated goods and services provisions in Part IV of the Commerce Act or the sector specific regulations applied to the dairy, electricity or telecommunications industries.

Content outline

The course covers:

  • Competition law’s role in a free-market economy;
  • Restrictive trade practices (where the focus is on cartel behaviour, arrangements which substantially lessen competition, and the misuse of market power through abusive conduct and practices);
  • The regulation of mergers and acquisitions; and
  • Commerce Act practice and procedure.

The course will familiarise you with a selection of cases drawn from Australasian jurisprudence and Commerce Commission determinations. We also comparatively assess New Zealand law against the position in the United States and Europe.



Prescribed text

A copy of the Commerce Act 1986.