LAWCOMM 445 - Takeovers

Credit points: 10 points
Offered: First Semester
Contact hours: Lectures - 2 hours per week
Course Coordinator: Peter Hinton, Special Counsel, Simpson Grierson
Corequisites: LAWCOMM 402 Company Law - waivable for qualified COP students

Course description

This course considers the role of takeovers in the economy and the manner in which they are regulated. The principal focuses will be upon the Takeovers Code and upon the workings of the Takeover Panel. Comparisons will be drawn with overseas practice; especially in Australia and the UK.

The objective is that, having completed the course, students will have a sound appreciation of the context within which they will be operating and be able to make immediate and valuable contributions as practitioners.

The course will involve lecture formats combined with case studies. The course does not lend itself to Powerpoint-based lessons but students will be provided with a course note-book which they can populate based on heir research and in-class discussions. Students are required to attend all classes. Industry experts will likely make guest appearances.


Whilst still under review, a final exam will likely account for 80% of the overall grade. A few students who perform well in the initial period may be eligible for a 4,000 word PILO in lieu of that exam. That should satisfy the sustained piece of legal writing requirements of LAW 498 Advanced Legal Research, Writing and Communication.

The balance of grades will likely be based on in-class concept reviews. There may be 5-6 such reviews with each review taking up 10-15 minutes of class time.

Students are also encouraged to address the class for 5-7 minutes on a chosen topic. PILO students will be expected to share their learning in this sense. Others may volunteer. Volunteers have traditionally received grade 5% uplifts in overall grades.

Recommended text

Rodd Levy Takeovers Law & Strategy (4th edition) - available in the Davis Law Library.