LAWGENRL 405 - Community Law Internship

Credit points: 20 points
Offered: First and Second Semester
Course Coordinator: Dr Suranjika Tittawella
Prerequisites: LAW 201, 211, 231, 241
Restriction: LAWGENRL 447

Course description

Students in LLB Part III and IV may participate in an approved community internship for academic credit. The internship should involve at least 150 hours of supervised work. The internship must be completed without receipt of compensation, should be in a law-related field in a Law School approved non-profit or government entity, under the supervision of a legal professional or a qualified supervisor. At the conclusion of the internship the student will submit a 10,000-word report based on the community law work they have undertaken during the internship.

Further information is available from the Student Experience Adviser at the Law Student Centre.