LAWPUBL 401 - Administrative Law

Credit points: 20 points
Offered: First Semester
Contact hours: Lectures - 4 hours per week
Course Coordinator: Dr Ed Willis & Associate Professor Hanna Wilberg
Prerequisites: LAW 201, 211, 231, 241
Restriction: LAWPUBL 426

Course description

A study of the general principles of judicial review of administrative action, including the ultra vires principle, the substantive and procedural restraints on the exercise of public power, and the remedies available for breach of these principles.

Course overview

This course is devoted to the study of Administrative Law.  The focus is on judicial review of administrative action, but this is set in the context of broader Administrative Law.

The course will:

1. Reinforce your understanding of the basic features of Judicial Review studied in the Public Law course.
2. Cover the availability of Judicial Review, the grounds and the remedies in much greater detail than in the Part II Public Law course.
3.  Introduce the theoretical, normative and political underpinnings of Judicial Review, and invite you to critically engage with the current debates about the availability and scope of Judicial Review.
4.  Give you an awareness of Administrative Law as a wider set of standards, a broader range of avenues of redress, and a field of study involving a range of different perspectives.


  • In-class Kahoot test (0%)
  • Essay (25%)
  • Opinion (30%)
  • Exam (45%)