LAWPUBL 445 - European Union Law

Credit points: 15 points
Offered: Summer School
Contact hours: Starts Mon 7 Jan and finishes Thu 14 Feb (Tu 4-6pm extra in the final week)
Course Coordinator: Vincent Cogliati-Bantz
Prerequisite: 30 points at Stage II in BGlobalSt courses or LAW 211


Associate Professor Vincent Cogliati-Bantz

17 EDEN CRESCENT - Bldg 803

Level 2, Room 204


Course description


The European Union has a population of about 512 million people and 28 member States. Starting modestly with the management of coal and steel in 1951, it now covers areas as varied as a Union citizenship, foreign policy, fisheries, culture, human rights or tourism.  It has the second largest economy in the world and is New Zealand’s third trading partner.  

The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the fundamental principles of the legal order of the European Union, its sources, institutions, enforcement mechanisms and relations with domestic legal orders. The course will also look at some core particular areas of Union’s policies and legal regulation, such as the protection of human rights or the free movement of workers.


Content Outline

  • Foundations of the EU
  • Institutions of the EU
  • Union legislation
  • Supremacy of EU law
  • Direct effect of EU law
  • Judicial review of EU law
  • Cooperation between EU and domestic courts
  • Enforcement of EU law domestically and by the Commission
  • Free movements of goods
  • Free movement of persons


  • A multiple choice test on Canvas weighted 10%, with 40 minutes allowed to complete it. The test will take place approximately halfway through the course.  
  • A 2-hour open book exam with an additional 10 minutes reading time. The exam mark will contribute 90% to your final grade. 
Open book means that you may, if you wish, bring into the exam and refer to any materials such as casebooks, textbooks and study notes.

Recommended reading

Lectures will be recorded and uploaded to Canvas. You are asked to attend all classes if possible and to use the recordings only as back-up or for revision. 

There is no prescribed textbook for the course. The course has a course book, the LAWPUBL 445 casebook which contains the readings for each module. The casebook will be available for purchase from the university bookshop, Ubiq but if you do not wish to purchase the casebook, you will find a link to a PDF of the casebook on the Canvas page under 'Files'. Also, links to the reading materials can be found under the Reading List tab on Canvas. Please note that the course book also refers you to the EU Treaties, also available on the Canvas reading list.